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Automated Complaint Tracking

Tailored to your Methodology

ECTS is a tailored software that automates and manages the entire complaint process for your specific organizational needs. Speed up the time it takes to resolve complaints and increase customer satisfaction. Easily submit complaints electronically, automatically notify the proper teams or individuals within your staff, perform collaborative investigation, and track the entire progress.

Different ways ECTS can work for you

Automated Workflow

User & Team Role Configuration

Document Management


Increasing Customer Satisfaction through Automation and Innovation

Automation & Reminders

ECTS can automate the entire complaint process from start to finish. Increase productivity with auto assigning, setting notifications and immediate reminders, personalize dashboards and calendars.


Integration with External Parties & Current Systems

More than just simply emailing and attaching documents, we have integrated custom portals for external parties, including consumers, customers, and third party companies to assist in the complaint resolution process.

Document Management

Seamlessly upload, view, download, and categorize documents for quick storing, searching and sharing. Edit your documents right on ECTS and reduce the time it takes to use other editing software.


Customizable Settings

Not every organization follows the same workflow process. Within ECTS, users are given the freedom to modify the workflow process and tasks to fit their needs. You will have the autonomy to manipulate the system by changing user role, add and remove as many tasks as they want, and alter mandatory user actions at every stage of a complaint.

Progress Management & Reporting

Users have the ability to choose their specific search parameters to inquire on the data they need. You can monitor the progress of each team member’s activity, individual complaints breakdown, department/team caseload or across the entire organization.


Training and Support

Although our system is easily maneuverable, we take the time with every client so that they understand how to maximize their time when resolving complaints. We administer a series of onsite education seminars so that all users feel comfortable prior to launch.