Product Features

Your consumers deserve the efficiency and consistency that ECTS provides for accurate complaint management and prompt resolutions

Automated Workflow

Auto-assign complaints/cases to individuals, teams and external parties. Build out your workflow to prevent unnecessary downtime and prolonged resolutions

Comprehensive Portal

Integrated user facing portals for easy online submissions, clear communication between agency and third parties, efficient and accurate complaint management

Phone Log

Centralized place to manage all phone call activity and the associated complaints


Improve your work efficiency by using our color-coded calendar, managing all complaint activity assigned to you and your team. Never miss a deadline again!

Document Library, Management, & Versioning

  • Upload, store and share all essential documents within ECTS for a seamless workflow process
  • Edit your files without leaving the system saving you time and defragmenting your workflow process
  • Save documents without the stress of overriding previous versions with auto document versioning

Audit Log & History

Keep track of the entire life cycle of an individual complaint and case. Know exactly what activity was done and when to help bring more transparency, improve compliance, record integrity and accuracy