What is ECTS?

ECTS is a tailored software that automates and manages the entire complaint process for your specific organizational needs. This state-of-the-art platform allows users to easily submit complaints electronically, notify the proper individuals within your staff, perform collaborative investigation, and assist in tracking the progress to resolution and so much more.

Our goals are to help speed up the time it takes to resolve complaints and create a secure and efficient environment. We are able to achieve this by implementing several key features that we feel can significantly enhance your current method.



Prioritize tasks and set reminders using dashboards and calendars


System eliminates fragmentation in the entire process of filing to resolving a complaint with efficiency and accuracy

User Friendliness

The platform is designed for easy navigation throughout the system no matter the level of computer experience


Agile software that allows for personal customization to fit any organization’s goals and strategies

Integrated System

Integrate platforms for your consumers and third party relationships to gather critical information and seamlessly resolve a complaint

ECTS Features